FENOTYPE — Finnish type foundry

Fenotype was found for selling and distributing digital typefaces made by Emil Bertell.
It also serves as a portfolio / showcase for my other works related to graphic design.
Fenotype has been online since 2002.


Many of the fonts available at the site are freeware. They may lack special characters
or even figures but I've decided to keep them online anyway. If you need any
certain characters in a freeware font I can make them for you for a very reasonable
price of 20–100 € depending on the amount of work required.

Freeware fonts can be used in commercial works as well: still, a donation of 20 € or
sending one piece of the product where the font has been used is appreciated. Ask
for permission to redistribute freeware fonts.

Commercial fonts:
You can download demo versions from commercial fonts. When you decide
to use a commercial font you are required to purchase the font. When you buy a font
you will receive a full version of the font. Using demo fonts for commercial works is not

More about fonts at BUYING FONTS section.


Custom typefaces, graphic design, illustration, etc.
Available for freelance?


I'm a member of PEKKA, illustration agency. If you're interested in my illustrations
contact Pekka



or by phone